Wyatt Young and Ryan Problems & The Solutions – Concert Review

Last night (December 19, 2015), The Working class hosted yet another great show. Ryan Problems & The Solutions, and Wyatt Young. The show took place between around 10pm and 1:30am.


Ryan Problems & The Solutions are a “Country-fried folk punk [band] from North Bay, Ontario,”[i] that consists of Ryan Problems (lead vocals, harmonica, and guitar), Jo (vocals and percussion), Mike Favretto (mandolin), Uncle Alice (bass), Josh (cajón), and Mad Dog (djembe, percussion). They played a fantastic set last night! Their sound is made up of all-acoustic instruments (other than the electric double bass). It has a ton of twang, and is folky enough to come right out of the east coast! Ryan Problems has a punk-rock voice, however, and it reminds me a lot of bands like PUP, Millencolin, NOFX, and maybe Pennywise! It’s a gritty, raspy, and high voice. I was blown away by just how eclectic their sound is. Every member could also sing flawless harmonies, and the mandolin leads were just plain dope! The band also looked great on stage, taking up all the room they could use on the stage, and looking like they were having a genuine great time playing together. The crowd was definitely feeling their good vibes too, as many were dancing and clapping along in their seats (myself including), and some full out dancing in the open space before the stage. It was my first experience watching this band perform, and I was amazed by just how tight the band was, and by their stellar musicianship. These people are pros and should be recognized as such!

Ryan Problems 2.jpg
Check out Ryan Problems & The Solutions here!


Wyatt Young is Travis Major (Guitar and vocals), Jamie MacKay (Guitar and backup vocals), Chris McCoy (bass), and Brendan Colameco (drums). Only Travis Major and Jamie Mackay performed, however. It was an intimate show, an acoustic and an electric guitar and their voices; they even decorated the stage with a grandfather clock, trees and candles. The electric guitar was very ambient-sounding, as it was drenched in reverb, delay, and other effects. It was a nice addition to the acoustic guitar rhythm. Major’s voice was on point, and he proved his wide-ranged vocal abilities, as he sang his songs with passion, and with a lot of embellishments (the way a gospel singer would). Their sound reminded me a lot of The Tallest Man On Earth. The two were playing beautiful guitars: A Gibson ES 335, and what looked like a Taylor 410ce (I could be wrong here). The duo played very well, and their music does sound very good, but I do have a few issues with their performance last night. For one, the set was way too long (nearly 3 hours for what felt like 30 songs). They also played mostly new material, which was great, but their set could have used more songs from their EP, “Peace Be Your Eternity” (which is fantastic, I do recommend it), and more covers just to keep it interesting. I felt that their set seemed a little too repetitive, and my attention and interest dwindled after the first hour of their performance. They did play a Fleetwood Mac cover, which brought me back near the end, and that’s why I feel as though more well-known covers would have benefited them greatly. To be honest, what I would have rather seen was Wyatt Young play an hour set and open for Ryan Problems & The Solutions. If not, then at least have their sound turned down so the crowd could also enjoy each other’s company during the 3-hour set.

Wyatt Young.jpg
Support them on their Facebook page here!


Those were my thoughts on last night’s show. I did really enjoy the music from both bands. Every single person who took the stage was fantastic as both musicians and performers. Despite my issues with the Wyatt Young set, I had a great time, and I can’t wait for the next show!


Thanks for reading! And please go an check out the two bands. You’re missing out otherwise!



[i] Taken from their Facebook page. I couldn’t describe them any better than that!

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