Laforge at The Working Class – Concert Review

12279207_794647980672036_5444755377891944776_nLast night (December 26, 2015), I attended a punk show at The Working Class here in Timmins. The show was said to begin at 9 pm, and I got there fifteen minutes past 9. To my dismay, the venue was at capacity and they weren’t letting anyone else in for an unforeseen amount of time. This was very bittersweet for me because while I’m very stoked to see the venue and scene thrive, it was unfortunate to see so many people turned down at the door. I waited outside and from there, I listened to a few songs by Calming Collection, a new punk band fronted by Tory Holmes. The band for whom I was most excited to see perform because it was their first performance at The Working Class, and because their recorded music sounds fantastic! I had the pleasure of watching Tory perform some Calming Collection tunes on an acoustic guitar at an open mic night, and I’m really bummed I missed out last night. Standing outside only lasted as long as it could have considering how cold my friends and I were getting.

Check out their EP, “Departures”, here!

We spent about an hour or so at the bar next door, and I decided to give The Working Class another go. I finally got in with two friends after a little more waiting and got to see The Payoff play their last two songs. They were on point as usual, and I’m really happy to have caught the bit that I did. Rumour has it that they plan on getting into the studio to record soon. If so, I am really excited to hear what they put out!

Give The Payoff a like on Facebook!

The headlining band was one of our longer-standing Timmins punk bands, Laforge! The band is made of Corey McGee on lead vocals and guitar, Mitch Bergeron on lead guitar and vocals, Kevin Watson on bass, and Pat Lauzier on drums. It had been a few years since the last time I personally got to see them, and I’m bummed I missed their last performance. I actually got to jam with them a few years back, and they’re really solid dudes. They played very well last night! So well in fact that I felt compelled to write this brief review (I wasn’t planning on writing this due to my late entry). If you haven’t heard of them and you like punk rock, you’re seriously missing out on some tasty jams! Their music is melodious, dynamic, and anthemic. Its very reminiscent of classic 90s skater punk bands like Lagwagon, Strung Out, and No Use For A Name. They had us (the crowd) moshing, headbanging, throwing our fists in the air, and chanting their catchy, home-hitting lyrics! “I’ll be SEVEN-O-FIVE!!” It made me seriously wish I knew more of the band’s lyrics so I could sing along with everyone! Pat’s drumming was fucking killer as always. He has to be the most impressive drummer in town! I can honestly dance to his grooves all night! I won’t go much more into detail about how they sound and how they played partly because I didn’t take any notes last night. I was too busy having a baller time! They were really tight and sounded awesome on the stage overall. If you haven’t heard or seen them, I seriously recommend you take the time to experience Laforge!

This was not taken last night. Photo credit: Craig Chè Koostachin (Taken from Laforge’s Facebook page)

Here are links to their Facebook and Bandcamp pages!

I stuck around the bar after the show for a few more drinks. It was so great to chat with the various members of our prospering music scene here in Timmins. I know a lot of you are reading these reviews, and I want to thank you all for the support and feedback you’ve been giving me. I’m just so happy to be a part of it all! I often contemplate moving back to a bigger city (for a myriad of reasons) but the nights like I had last night that make me want to stay.

Thank you so much for reading. I can’t wait to see you all again at the New Years show!


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